Monday, November 21, 2011

Not meant to be

Back when I was wedding planning and losing my shit on a regular basis, I thought I had found the perfect wedding officiant.  We had a long phone conversation and it felt so right.  As I was being flooded with relief, she checked my wedding date and realized she would be out of town and totally couldn't do it.  We found someone else to do it who was okay, but not "the one," you know?  Not that "YES" feeling.

I had kept her in the back of my mind - if I ever have kids, I could have her do a naming ceremony as an alternative to a baptism.  Today I was emailing about this with a friend and decided to track her down online.

Turns out she moved to Arizona.  Just another signal to let things go - don't try to hold on to what could have been.  The current of life, it just keeps flowing...

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