Monday, November 21, 2011

Preparing for holiday with The Endo

It's my first time hosting Thanksgiving, and there are many preparations that need to take place.  Friday I emailed myself a list to accomplish over the weekend, and I hoped to see a band Sunday night, and a friend as well.  So many of these things just did not get done, as once again hours were devoted to just coping with the pain from endometriosis.  (For those of you who aren't familiar, it's like menstrual cramps but worse, and for more days.)  I hope I'll get more done tonight, but logic tells me the pain will actually be worse tonight. 

It's weird how sometimes I'll need to let fatigue take over and just rest, and other times, like when I raked leaves this weekend, I can move through and with the pain.  It is still there, I just can do things through it. 

I felt rather old-fashioned last night as I methodically ironed the largest tablecloth I've ever purchased while wondering if my gravy boat is large enough -- what century is this?  I also have a new deviled-egg platter I bought on Ebay.  I hope this all goes OK.  There is so, so much cat hair that needs to be sucked into the vacuum in the next few days.

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