Monday, February 13, 2012

Penelope and her loom

I'm two classes in to a Park & Rec weaving class.  We have yet to begin weaving.  It is unbelievable how long it takes to string up a loom (there's a word for that process). 

As someone who has read Ulysses more times than a sane person should have to, I have new understanding of how Penelope could tell her suitors she will marry them just as soon as her weaving project is finished.  She had probably only just gotten the damn thing strung up by the time her hubby returned from his quest.

I like meditative, meticulous things sometimes, but the thought crosses my mind, "There's a reason we invented machines to do this."  Hopefully once I start weaving I will have some moment of enlightenment about . . . fabric, or something.  It it's a wonder anyone was clothed prior to the industrial revolution. 

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