Monday, April 16, 2012

I don't get it, #2

What is it with people these days wanting to paint chalkboard paint onto everything and write on it?  Like to write a grocery list or recipe on your wall, or a reminder to take the kids to soccer.  Or a quote about love or family or spring or some shit.  I don't get it.  (I also don't get bronzer, for the record.)

Like instead of nice art on my kitchen wall, I'm supposed to write in big chalk block letters "Buy cat litter" or "Monday Enchiladas!"  Huh?

Maybe this is one more chapter in My Big Fat Pinterest Lesson.  I ripped on Pinterest and thought it was stupid and encouraged women to be shallow.  Then I tried it, am totally hooked, and realize that you get to pick what you're interested in (you don't have to "follow" the people who post the chalkboard paint ideas or the endless fucking "thinspiration").  Too each her own.  Some people get off on chalkboard paint.  I need to not hate women who have different taste than I do.  Sometimes this is hard.




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